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Jumeirah Village Circle: in the family circle

Five kilometers from Dubai Marina and the famous Palm Jumeirah Island, if you move along the coast, you will find the area that is easily recognizable even in satellite photos – Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) seems like a snowflake or a target. The coolness does not leave its numerous parks, and for those who would like to stay in the city of dreams or move their loved ones here, this is indeed a cherished goal.

Among the central areas of Dubai, where there is everything for recreation and entertainment, work and business, and the streets are full of tourists and citizens hurrying about their business, this one is created for a calm and carefree life with family. Not by chance property in JVC does not leave the top of the rating of the most attractive residences for buying and investment. Proximity to key business, entertainment, and cultural centers of the emirate, well-planned infrastructure, and an atmosphere of an upscale suburban community, where the luxury of everyday convenience, comfort, and security lies behind the exterior elegance of Arabian and Mediterranean villas - this is a base that attract people from around the world to the JVC community.

Freedom of choice, confidence in today and tomorrow, peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones are not converted into any currency. Based on the cost of apartments in Jumeirah Village Circle, which is on average two times lower than on the coast next door, the developer of the quarter, Nakheel company, does not sell what is priceless, but simply offers it all as a gift.

Nakheel is one of the most famous government developers in Dubai. The company's portfolio includes both amazing projects of Palm Islands and the artificial archipelago, Mir, as well as the famous residential quarters of the Gardens, International City, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jumeirah Island. The business card of the developer was a combination of modern technologies and thoughtful urban planning, which is based on the interests of people. And Jumeirah Village Circle, which began to be built up in 2005, has become a vivid and eloquent expression of the company's caring and attentive approach to the most, sometimes, non-obvious needs of its residents.

In JVC, with an area of just over 8 square kilometers, it is difficult for even a child to get lost. Its circular structure, divided into sectors by straight streets and boulevards, makes it easy to navigate and get to any part of the area. In the center there is a spacious public park, from which green squares stretch in all directions. Walking here will bring special pleasure - this is one of the most abundant in vegetation and natural shade areas of Dubai.

All key infrastructure units are within walking distance – shops, pharmacies, sports and playgrounds, cafes and restaurants, the variety of which increases as you approach the central park — the main public space of JVC, framed by two lines of cottages. The predominantly low-rise buildings of the district maintain the feeling of a small but cozy town, and the rare high-rises, transformed in the evening illumination, serve as a pleasant reminder that this oasis of silence is still located in the center of the metropolis.

As in every freehold area of Dubai, where foreigners can own and dispose of property, the JVC community is very diverse. People living here include entrepreneurs and employees of companies based in business and commercial areas, as well as individuals from around the world who are tired of the city rush, and young couples looking for the perfect combination of ecology, infrastructure, and a peaceful everyday life. And yet the main advantages of Jumeirah Village Circle, created for the comfort of family life, are fully revealed to parents with children.

Almost any everyday concern, familiar to every family, here finds a response in the infrastructure ready for its solution. In addition to the relatively low cost of living for the central area of Dubai, which will be appreciated by those who follow the family budget, JVC has everything you need without having to leave the Circle.

The main place for shopping and leisure is the Circle Mall shopping center, where on 100 thousand square meters it is easy to find household stuff and new collections of famous brands, watch a movie or have dinner with the whole family. However, small shops, grocery stores and household services are scattered throughout JVC.

There are several kindergartens and schools in the district for the education and useful leisure of children. In Kids World Nursery and Stepping Stones, kids are developed in small groups taking into account the individual characteristics of the child, there is a preschool group at the JSS international school. To bring happiness to children, JVC has created numerous playgrounds, and within a few minutes' drive, there are world-famous attractions for family leisure. These include the world's largest flower garden, Miracle Garden, the Butterfly Garden reserve, the Wild Wadi water park, and the LegoLand amusement park.

Miracle Garden Miracle Garden

The creators of the quarter did not ignore health issues. To support it, there are ubiquitous running tracks, fitness centers, sports grounds and pharmacies, and specialists of medical centers, the main of which is the Right Health clinic, where doctors of almost any profile work, keeping their finger on the pulse.

The key feature of JVC for those who are used to making independent decisions is the possibility of choice. In addition to the comprehensive infrastructure for living presented in the area, it is easy to take advantage of everything that Dubai has to offer.

Lack of heavy traffic and proximity to the main transportation arteries of the city allows reaching key locations and institutions of the metropolis, such as beaches, schools, universities, clinics, shopping and entertainment centers or sights within 10-20 minutes.

In the luxury properties of Dubai, the JVC district is listed as one of the most popular and attractive for buyers from year to year. This is one of the few freehold zones in the emirate that continues to be actively built up, which means there are more opportunities for successful investments at the start of projects. More than two thousand completed units have already been handed over here, from premium villas to one bedroom apartments, and yet the territory of the Circle is limited, which means that the chances of buying property in the primary market will decrease every year.

Недвижимость в Jumeirah Village Circle Недвижимость в Jumeirah Village Circle

The atmosphere and infrastructure of the area, the reasonable cost per square meter and the ever increasing demand – all this determines the attractiveness of the area for living and investment. Among the key advantages of Jumeirah Village Circle, Space 8 Real Estate experts also call:

  • Convenient location and transport accessibility of key locations in Dubai;
  • Infrastructure focused on the daily needs of families with children;
  • Ecology, landscape design and the glory of one of the "greenest" areas of the capital;
  • A variety of units by type and cost: from villas with private pools to small comfortable studios in high-rise buildings;
  • Peace and security of city life;
  • High dynamics of profitability and demand for rental housing;
  • The community and the atmosphere of good neighborliness in an elite residential complex in the center of Dubai.

Buying properties in JVC has other advantages that are typical of all freehold zones in the UAE. These are tax deductions, an opportunity for foreign citizens to obtain the right to residency and loans processing . And yet, the secret of the attractiveness of the area lies not only in what the eyes see and the mind understands: the modern architecture of townhouses and the beauty of parks, the cost of living and the prospects for investment, the premium level of comfort and accessibility of all the best that the metropolis of dreams can offer. The secret of JVC is in the sensations experienced by anyone who finds himself here for the first time. These are calm and confidence that life has already been successful.

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