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City Walk – perfection of city life

In the heart of Dubai, between the luxurious beaches of Jumeirah and the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, framed by Es Safa and Al-Ejaaz streets, there is a paradise for lovers of walking, urban landscapes and exquisite pleasures offered by the metropolis of dreams. The area, which guide books certainly advise you to look into, is called City Walk, "urban walk".

A city within a city, a "European oasis" and a reference example of urban improvement, City Walk is the most coveted area of the market . The ultramodern architecture here is saturated with the comfort of old Europe, and the tranquility inherent in suburban residential quarters is adjacent to the kaleidoscope of urban entertainment and the metropolitan variety of street life against the background of Dubai skyscrapers.

Opportunities to settle in City Walk have been waiting for years, and the chance to purchase apartments is decided by chance. Therefore, anyone who is looking at properties for sale in City Walk should enlist the support of genies or Space 8 Real Estate experts in advance. Because every square meter of City Walk is a work of art created by the famous Meraas company.

Meraas is one of the subsidiaries of the Dubai Holding operating under the management of the hereditary rulers of Dubai, the Al Maktoum family. Its chairman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed, is the uncle of the current emir and owner of the holding, Mohammed bin Rashid, individuals due to whom the city has turned into one of the capitals of the world in just a decade. Meraas' portfolio includes key projects for the development of Dubai and its international attractiveness: an artificial island and Bluewaters residences, the luxury Bvlgari resort island and the Port de la Mer club complex, the 250-meter Ain Dubai Ferris wheel and City Walk quarters.

Each Meraas project is a unique combination of the boldness of the idea and its implementation, the generous love of the ruler for the city and its inhabitants. It is not surprising that the start of sales of any of the units from Meraas is an international event, where demand exceeds supply by tens or even hundreds of times. In order for applicants to have equal chances, the company conducts sales in the form of a lottery. To receive an invitation to it is already a great success, and to win is doubly lucky.

Meraas units are sold out in a matter of hours, and sometimes minutes, from the start of sales. Therefore, the view of all those who are aimed at acquiring real estate directly from the developer and counting on profitable investments is turned to the future – to projects that are being prepared for launch. And in the City Walk area, where everything is sold out, even in buildings that are being prepared for handover after 2025, as well as in the portfolio of Space 8 Real Estate, there are such units.

City Walk is one of the brightest and boldest projects of Meraas to create a unique modern urban ecosystem in the epicenter of the metropolis. The opportunities for living and recreation here are combined in almost perfect proportions, and the natural green, deeming with shadow, is organically integrated into the streetscapes created by the leading designers and artists of the planet. Review all the murals and graffiti in City Walk, created by invited street art legends – a separate route for an exciting walk around the area.

The very concept of the City Walk project embodies the dream of a perfect urban space, where the convenience and comfort of everyday life coexists with the life of the capital's center – bars and restaurants, concerts and open-air festivals, shopping malls and places for the whole family to relax. Low-rise buildings create a sense of intimacy of what is happening, while offering breathtaking landscapes with downtown skyscrapers.

The unique atmosphere and a rich selection of leisure opportunities invariably attracts both tourists and residents of other areas of Dubai to City Walk, who come here to relax with friends and family, arrange a romantic walk, shop in boutiques or hold a business meeting. At the same time, the thoroughly thought-out structure of the area allows residential complexes to remain oases of tranquility in the midst of busy urban life, which there is no need to leave.

All this, as well as the central location and proximity of key locations in Dubai, makes City Walk a premium space for living, which has no analogues anywhere in the world. Taking into account the sales system adopted in Meraas, settling here means literally becoming the chosen one.

City Walk was created to enjoy life, pleasant surprises await lovers of city walks at every step. Despite the unity of the urban style, the variety of architectural shapes and design solutions creates a real gastronomy for the eyes here. Green squares, city sculptures, fountains, especially in the evening illumination are an unforgettable dolce vita surroundings for residents and guests of City Walk. However, some locations are worth visiting anyway – these are the main sights and epicenters of the life of the area.

City Walk Mall City Walk Mall

The main one is the City Walk Mall, a shopping and entertainment space, a miniature city with boutiques of world-famous brands, gourmet restaurants and cafes for every taste. Culinary tastings, fashion shows, street festivals, exhibitions and concerts – all this is concentrated here, in the heart of City Walk, whose streets themselves are a favorite place for contemplative walks.

Another world-famous sight of the area is Coca Cola Arena, one of the most modern and technically equipped sports and cultural venues on the planet. Designed for 17 thousand people, Coca Cola Arena has become a constant point on the route of world music tours and performances of stars whose names recurred in the history of music.

Another unique unit is the 4-storey Green Planet building, inside which the ecosystem of the rainforest is recreated. More than 3,000 species of plants and animals are represented here in open enclosures built around the world's highest artificial tree. Despite the rules restricting interaction with the inhabitants of the bio-dome, visiting the Green Planet is an unforgettable experience for the whole family, especially if you stay here overnight.

Green Planet Green Planet

Finally, the premium residential quarters around Central Park are home to most residents of the area and the most respectable urban oasis in the heart of Dubai. The splendor of nature, modern and rich infrastructure, where there is everything, you need for a comfortable life: from swimming pools and playgrounds to coworking areas and meditations – all this creates an exceptional atmosphere of the "inner city", which makes City Walk one of the most desirable areas of the emirate to acquire real estate here.

To the extent that the creation of the City Walk area has become one of the most successful and significant infrastructure projects for the development, properties for sale in Dubai here is an exceptional opportunity to take care of the future for yourself and your family.

City Walk City Walk

The attractiveness of City Walk can also be judged by the cost of renting housing — here it is two to three times more than in the areas across the street. Among the main reasons that make City Walk an exceptional unit of attention of investors from all over the world, Space 8 Real Estate experts call:

  • Reputation of the developer. Meraas Company is a developer closely affiliated with the state, creating projects primarily for the city and its residents. Каждый из них - произведение градостроительного искусства.
  • Central location. The main beaches, shopping, business and cultural centers of the city are within walking distance, and the most famous sights of the emirate are a minute drive by car.
  • Natural limit on the number of units. The number of units under construction and planned for launch is limited by the area of several quarters and the concept of the project itself, focused on the harmony of the urban ecosystem, but not on commercial benefits.
  • High dynamics of demand and rental costs, which grow as finished units are being launched.
  • Freehold zone, which allows citizens of other states to become owners.
  • Developed infrastructure, including everything necessary for life, work, study and recreation for both singles and large families.
  • Exclusive community. The lottery system of access to sales is one of the key markers of the success of City Walk residents.

Over the years of its development, the City Walk area has become one of the symbols of Dubai, known no less than the Palm Islands, the Burj Khalifa Spire or the sail of the Burj Al Arab Hotel. The atmosphere of city streets that are not burdened with unnecessary worries, alien to the hustle and bustle of the center of Dubai and yet remain an integral part of it — this is the hallmark of the quarter created for leisurely walks, creative contemplation and a life filled with bright events.

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